I specialize in teaching young children age 3 through third grade, and offer both private piano lessons and group experiences. Although lessons and classes are designed to work together, some of the youngest may begin with the preschool group and start piano later. Older students may do piano only or also participate in a fun and active once-a-month class at their level of proficiency.

Music Classes.

Preschool music classes are groups of six to ten children which meet for 45 minutes weekly. We sing, move, do rhythms, listen to related music, and have fun learning basic music concepts and vocabulary. These active experiences provide a point of reference, making the symbols on printed music more easily understood and remembered.

Piano Lessons.

Piano lessons are individual and meet for 30 minutes weekly. They take into account different learning styles and paces and are designed for young children. Traditional piano curriculum is combined with games and activities, which begin with the child and not with a method.

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